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There's a reason so many health gurus practice yoga. This exercise form doesn't just improve strength and flexibility. It relieves stress and promotes full-body wellness. If you're looking to expand your practice or break into the world of yoga, you should visit Texarkana Yoga. Our local yoga studio is based in Texarkana, TX. We offer cold yoga, warm yoga and hot yoga classes for all skill and experience levels.

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Do you want to try a vinyasa flow class? Maybe yin yoga or hip-hop yoga is calling your name. Our wide range of classes are all focused on one thing: your health and wellness. Our experienced team of ten instructors will help you find the right class for your interests and experience.

Whether you're attending a hot power yoga or warm beginner yoga class, you'll need to:

  • Wear tighter fitting clothing that allows you to move as needed
  • Hydrate before class and bring your own water bottle
  • Bring a mat if you have your own or borrow one of ours
Ask us about our cold, warm and hot yoga classes now. You can call us at 850-895-9642.

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