Cool Down With a Different Yoga Technique

Look into cool Yoga in Texarkana, TX near Hope, AR

If you're looking for stress relief, yoga is a great option. The instructors at Texarkana Yoga may recommend cool Yoga classes to improve focus and results. Our Texarkana, TX studio offers classes for all skill levels. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a way to expand your practice, we'll help you find your ideal class.

Learn more about our yoga classes now by calling 850-895-9642. You're sure to find a class that decreases your stress while providing a good workout and stretch.

Cool Yoga covers a wide range of styles

Every cool Yoga class is different, depending on who the instructor is. However, each class will:

  • Take place in an air-conditioned and/or room temperature room
  • Provide deep stretching
  • Focus on stress relief and wellness
When you need stress relief, yoga classes at Texarkana Yoga can help. Work out with us today. Our studio is located in Texarkana, TX, near Hope, AR.

Intro to Power Yoga Classes

A stepping stone into warm or hot classes

Its in a slightly warmer than room temp setting. It's great for people that are intimidated by the heat and intensity of hot power yoga.

focus on stretching with yin yoga

Maybe you prefer a deeper stretch. Yin yoga may be right for you. The focus is on stillness and deeper stretching of connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons and deep fascia. Poses are performed while sitting or lying down and held from one to five minutes. This technique can improve joint health, mobility and organ function, while helping you learn to meditate through movement.